Help a Boar become Austro-Hungarian Emperor!

If this headline did not get your attention, you are probably dead…
Anyway, may I present to you this bizarre jewel of an independent game, by Croatian game company Studio Spektar:

The good people at Studio Spektar have this to say about the game world:

Viktor’s cartoon world is not entirely different from our world. Each country is either a semi-historical representation of a real country, or a flat-out parody that may or may not have people laughing with anger.

You’ll meet a great number of characters in the game who will often be bizarre, and sometimes based on real people such as the genius inventor antelope Tesla or the dog Emperor Franz Joseph.

Yes, you read that correctly, Tesla is a genius inventor antelope. This is just so wonderfully bizarre, and look at the map (© Studio Spektar, used with permission):

Viktor the Boar's Europe

So, everybody, let’s help get this very unique and creative take on steampunk on the road and have a laugh at our past at the same time.

Support it here!

Oh, and before I forget:
You can download a playable demo on the kickstarter page, too.