Julie C Myers – Can't Get My Heart Around That

This came in through the ætherbox a few days ago, and I was rather surprised about it.

Julie Myers – Can’t Get My Heart Around That

Granted, the overlap between Weird West and Steampunk is large, especially in the USA, but so far I had not heard of country artists playing with Steampunk aesthetics.

Julie C Myers needs an introduction I presume, I had no idea who she is, not being much into country music myself, and I guess many of my readers are not either:

Myers, a Memphis native and former Playboy Girl of Rock n Roll, is the country’s most sought after Stevie Nicks tribute artist who is currently working on her first solo album. She is currently touring as a part of the “Dreams… a Classic Rock Fantasy” tour and has sold out venues all over the world.

Concerning her connection with Steampunk, Ms Myers says:

“I have admired the Steampunk esthetic for several years now and carried it into my Tribute show for Stevie Nicks a few years back. It blended perfectly with the already slightly Steampunk look of Stevie (i.e…..Top hat and slightly Victorian wardrobe choices of Stevie). The look just grew on me and I decided to carry it over into my solo career. I just really love its unique blend of the past with the future. I think Steampunk is timeless and ageless and I want my music to be just that!!”

And because it is so beautiful, here is the final sentence again:

I think Steampunk is timeless and ageless and I want my music to be just that!!

I could not agree more.

So now, please enjoy the video, it was shot in a barn in Manitoba, that is very, very country in deed:

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