What's on the plate for 2015, so far…

Well, well…
2014 is (luckily) behind me and I am looking forward to a hopefully better 2015.

LZ-X1 Württemberg_Werft


As far as my Steampunk endeavours are concerned, there are already a few things on the horizon where I am either involved directly or I want to check it out, these are (bold means involvement):


  • The European Steampunk Convention 2015 (obviously)
  • Steampunk Hands around the World 2015
  • The Steampunk Jahrmarkt (i.e. Steampunk Faire) in Bochum/Germany
  • Something new coming to Germany
  • A German Weird West/Steampunk penny-dreadful-style publication
  • Various events around Europe I really would like to visit


Since I was not able to travel much last year for a number of reasons, I am trying to make a point this year and get as much time and distance on the road as I can possibly manage. I especially would like to go to a certain place in the Mediterranean Sea, obviously.

So, here’s to an hopefully awesome 2015 and more things popping up in the Steampunk scene that I am not even aware of right now!