Monocle Madness – The Return of a splendid piece of eyewear

A few days ago, I perused some of my regular online news outlets and came across an article about a company from Hull (I like Hull for various reasons, now there is one more) which aim it is to make the monocle fashionable again, the company is:

Monocle Madness


I am absolutely delighted. I have worn a monocle on special occasions since 1992 and I still remember how difficult it was back then to simply get the frame. Now, there is a dedicated company.

Even better, they do not market it as an exclusive item for the upper or military classes, I guess this is somewhat of a stereotypical image, but rather as an accessory for everybody, as these images show:

I have a monocle from Monocle Madness as well now, obviously, but the product review will have to wait until I have a proper lens in.

Monocle Madness are marketing their monocles portable reading devices, I am on the myopic end of things, so I will actually use mine as a regular ocular support device. But as I said, more on my monocle at a later date.

If you want to find out more about Monocle Madness:

This link leads to their homepage.

And this link leads to their Facebook page.

Check it out.

Before I go, here are a few words from the chaps themselves:


Monocle is Back!

When The New York Times dared suggest the monocle was set to make a comeback in 2014, the sceptics certainly raised an eyebrow. But fans were tapping into the zeitgeist for all things artisan, a sartorial approach currently being adopted by people of all ages, who share a belief in the less is more philosophy on modern living.

The monocle suffered a serious public relations catastrophe during World War II, when it was adopted by German Military Officials and became synonymous with arrogance, haughtiness and questionable ethical views. This, coupled with the fact that caricaturists often used a monocle to denote flamboyance or pretentiousness caused its popularity to plummet.

Trend forecasters for the past decade have been mooting the return of the monocle, and at last the movement has gained some serious momentum. Harking back to its origins, the earliest versions were apparently developed during the 1720s by Prussian antiquarian Baron Phillip von Stosch. The correctional device was used primarily to allow the individual to examine engravings and gemstones in more detail. Adaptations and improvements were made during the 1800s, culminating in the modern version we see today, with the gallery extension designed to fit securely between the upper and lower eye socket.

200 years later, Jonathan Elvidge – a man who turned his love of gadgetry into Red 5, a successful multi-million pound business, has teamed up with Fan Frames founders and optical experts, Paul Gibson and Chris Birkett to bring back the portable reading device. After a dedicated period of research and development, Monocle Madness is finally ready to launch, reincarnated for the masses using ultramodern, super-lightweight and virtually indestructible materials.

Following a principle similar to the ‘ready readers’ spectacles that are already widely available, the Monocle Madness has been re-imagined with three different gallery finishes, and varying magnification strengths to suit the needs of individual customers.

Far from being an outdated contraption, the monocle is more relevant now than ever before, especially with the marked rise of portable digital devices, and the instant attention they demand!

This new, updated version is a far cry from the stereotypical, pompous facial furniture of yesteryear. Decidedly elegant, and suitable for both sexes, it exudes a certain elegance – straddling perfectly, the current revival for all things heritage whilst reinforcing the notion that the most classic, beautiful things are often the most simple.


Media contact:

Leanne Cloudsdale


For any further enquires or high res imagery please contact:

Jonathan Elvidge, Director.

T: 07802 378 036 E:

Chris Birkett, Business Director.

T: 07738 337 910 E:

About Monocle Madness:

  1. Hull-based Monocle Madness is a start-up company re launching the monocle as a fashionable product.
  2. The Monocles come ready made in various strengths and packaged in the companies signature design tin with butterfly clasp
  3. Also available to the customer in their bespoke prescription.
  4. Monocles start from £24.99 and are available to purchase now.