Product Review – Monocle by Monocle Madness

Already a while ago I featured Monocle Madness here, because they are a great company with a very worthy goal: Bringing back the monocle as a fashion accessory.

The monocle they sent me as a product sample has since received a proper lens and I have worn it during an event last weekend, so I am now happy to share my overall verdict.

The monocle by Monocle Madness is top-notch, that is the long and the short of it. It already starts with the very practical and decorative box it is shipped in and continues right down to the actual monocle:

Images © Monocle Madness, used with kind permission

The monocle itself is small and light-weight, it is actually about 4/5th of the size of the monocle I have worn for special events since 1992 and significantly more comfortable to wear.

Monocle Madness also ships a handy guide how to wear a monocle with each product, so you cannot go wrong there at all. As I said, the monocle is very comfortable to wear and since it is very light-weight, it stays in place, even if you have to push your way through the crowd and get jostled every now and then as I was on the weekend.
How crowded the event was you can see in the video below, I actually wore the monocle while recording the video.

So, the Monocle Madness monocle is an accessory I can wholeheartedly recommend and at a price-tag of £ 25 (including a clear lens) it is almost a bargain and definitely not overpriced.

10 out of 10 Zeppelins!

Go and check out Monocle Madness, I know you want to!

This is me with my monocle this weekend image © Scho Laria, used with kind permission as well:


And this is the video I shot while wearing the monocle, pushing, shoving and jostling are not a problem, the monocle stayed in place:

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