Review and feature: Steampunk Cryptex Flash Drive and

So today’s post is going to be two things at once, first, I am going to review the Steampunk Cryptex USB Drive, and then I am going to talk about the website I got it from,

Disclaimer: I got the Steampunk Cryptex USB Drive from Steampunkjunkies for free, they asked me in turn to feature their website. They did not ask for a review of the Cryptex, nor did they tell me what I should write.

With this out of the way, let’s start with the review.

To give you an idea about the Cryptex, this is the feature video:

And here are two images:

The Cryptex is one wonderful little gadget. It is a work of art and definitely Steampunk, although the cryptex is a design originally by Leonardo Da Vinci, the whole contraption has a very Babbage-machine feel to it. This feel is enhanced by the fact the cryptex mechanism serves as a lock for an enclosed 16 GB flash drive, which is always a good thing to have.
The flash drive itself is a standard off-the-shelf device, not outstanding in speed and accessibility, but also not bad. The Steampunk Cryptex is also one of those things I will add to my low-key steampunk outfit, since it is classy, not in-your-face and serves an additional purpose other than just looking Steampunk.

All in all, the Steampunk Cryptex gets 10 out of 10 Zeppelins.

Now for the website is a market place for all things steampunk, fairly new but with already quite a selection of merchandise from electronics to fashion to art.
The price range is astounding, ranging from a handful of dollars to several thousand euros for handcrafted time-piece.
As a dedicated market place both for professional artists and for hobbyists, I prefer it to both etsy and tho Rebels Market, simply because if I go to, I know that the things there are all Steampunk. At both aforementioned other sites, the steampunkness is partially or totally dubious.
Also, I guess if you want to sell Steampunk material, Steampunkjunkies is a better place to go then etsy, since your offers are not being completely drowned out by the sheer mass of other people offering things there.

So, check out Steampunkjunkies and see for yourselves, if the site is to your liking.