Reaching Out – A Steampunk/Cthulhu Short Story

I have had a bit of a writing frenzy lately. One of the results was Bird Song (see below). I am also working on a cyberpunk and a modern-day Cthulhu short story (both in German). Additionally, I remembered I still had a Cthulhu/Steampunk crossover story in one of my drawers, or rather folders on my computer. It was originally to be submitted to a call for stories for an anthology, but I never got around finishing it in time.

So instead, I gave it a little polish, tried to close as many plot-holes as I could find and self-published it with Amazon.

The story is set in a Steampunk version of Imperial Germany and concerns the sojourn into space of Germany’s first space-flight capable Zeppelin. They are heading for the dwarf planet Ceres.

Here is an excerpt:

We had been at our position for several minutes, I had sent our engineers to check on the aether-engine and the support structure, when Hartwig pointed our attention to something visible against the bubble of the Tesla-field. There is no easy way to describe what we saw. It was large, maybe 20 meters in overall length and of radial geometry. The general shape was that of a flower, but there was something wrong, alien and even evil about it. A dark denizen of the aether. It appeared to be probing the bubble. It also seemed to be tugging at my mind, at least I had this feeling in my brain that something was reaching for me. We trained the lower gun-turret on it, should it attack. This precaution proved unnecessary. It vanished again after a few minutes, during which Hartwig was able to take a few rather blurry photographs of it. My guess is, they can be found in the archives of the Abwehr, our secret service.
Concerning my strange experience, I asked Hartwig if he had a similar experience, which he denied.
Unwilling to risk attracting more creatures like it, we engaged the engines and returned to Earth. We descended from above the North Pole and flew back to Berlin, stopping briefly at Hamburg Airbase, since it had the medical facility closest to our route. We got Bauer off the Humboldt there and flew on to Gneisenau Airfield.

If anyone is interested, I am happy to send out review copies (kindle, ebook, pdf).
Also, it is available for 0.99$ at Amazon, click the image below:
Reaching Out - Cover