Steamfantasy – The Dwarves of Demrel

Check this out:
A very dark, gritty, and slightly steampunk looking fantasy movie about three dwarves trapped in a mine. The trailer alone got me hanging to the edge of my seat. Something sinister is going on in the depth of this mountain and the dwarves have more to face than claustrophobia and possible starvation:

The Dwarves of Demrel is a crowdfunded independent production. The fundraiser still runs for a few hours on kickstarter, check it out. If you do not have the money to spare, do not worry, the funding goal has already been achieved, so we can all look forward to that one.
According to the director, he got his inspiration after watching The Hobbit in 2012. The dwarves in his movie are quite removed from the ones of Middle-earth. They seem far less jolly, more sullen and fatalistic, even when you take the dire situation they are in into account. They are more real, down to earth and far less epic and heroic in the classical sense.
All this gives an edge of realism to The Dwarves of Demrel already. I am looking forward to downloading the movie once it is ready.