Help Victor Sierra produce their third album! Go here! Donate!

My friends from Victor Sierra are at it again, meaning they are ready to produce their third album. Since I am a massive fan and have enjoyed their previous two albums and the Yultide release of 2014, of course I am supporting their latest album as well.

And so should you!

In the words of some mysterious narrator:

They travel your world… They travel your space… They travel your time… and perhaps you attended one of their gigs: in British North America… in Deadlands… in New YiddishLand, or even in the Austrasian Empire… 2015 will see the release of Victor Sierra’s third album and we’re sure you want to be part of it because if we can make it with you we’ll make it everywhere!

Help them keep traveling! View the message and lend your support!

Go here to donate and claim your perk: