Aether: The Rise of Specter – An Indie Steampunk Epic!

When this blog was young, I featured a short piece called Lightning in the Bottle in two separate postings. Now, almost five years later, the creative head of Lightning in the Bottle, Drew Hall, has contacted me again.
He has teamed up with some amazing talent such as Alex Funke, Oscar winner for VFX on Lord of the Rings, to create an original Steampunk universe for the movie Aether: Rise of Specter.
The movie is not based on an alternate version of Earth but some other place entirely, with no connection to Earth at all. As Drew says:

Aether is a steampunk inspired science fiction film set in a world of flying cities, massive airships, and ghost towns. On the tiny island of Deos, the citizens in the small town of Specter struggle to survive, as the wealthy floating city of Wavelinde looms overhead serving as a constant reminder of oppression. Meanwhile, a storm is building in the savage mines held by the Bruewen. War is coming.

I have seen the trailers, outtakes and behind the scenes you can find at Drew’s Vimeo Channel, and I must say, they look amazing, the artwork, too!

I am talking about this (it’s just an appetiser!):

AETHER: The Rise of Specter – Official Trailer from Drew Hall on Vimeo.

And here is a gallery with concept art and stills:

And now, make your way to their website and find out more, there is so much more! Let yourselves be amazed, this looks like the kind of indie Steampunk movie I have been waiting for, an original setting, stunning costumes and FX, mystery, adventure… Can’t wait to see the final product!