Professor Elemental's #ApeQuest – Lend your support!

The honourable gentleman, scholar, rhymer and all around splendid fellow Professor Elemental is up to something again. As always, his trusted side-kick Geoffrey is by his side… No, wait, Geoffrey has been lost in space and time, but let the good Professor explain the situation himself:

As a mad professor living in a tumbledown mansion somewhere in Sussex, it’s only right that I should have an orangutan butler named Geoffrey. Sadly, two albums ago, Geoffrey stole my time travel trousers and got lost in space and time. Now, it’s up to me to track him down. Can I find Geoffrey before it’s too late? And who is going to help me on my strangest and most exciting adventure yet? Find out in this unique Hip Hop album…

So, in order to get this album under way and find Geoffrey, the Professor needs our help. We all must stand together and make


our combined endeavour and shared success! Let us find Geoffrey! Let us enjoy yet another fantastic album by Professor Elemental!

Epic adventures and great perks await everybody who lends a hand or a pound or two, check out the campaign !

I have already done my part to find Geoffrey, now it is your turn. Be part of something great, you know you want to!

Come on, the perks alone…