Today’s look is: Office Trooper

Right, it is always good to let your inner geek shine. For this reason, I like to dress in a style that is both compatible for geekdom and for the day job (I am currently doing SEO for a major fashion retailer).

So today, I decided to go for Star Wars “Office Trooper”.

For this I need:

  • smart black trousers
  • black suspenders (a belt would do as well, I guess)
  • a white shirt
  • a very special tie and tie-clasp to match

The tie and shirt:

2015-10-28 21.28.04

The clasp:

2015-10-28 21.28.52

And the whole thing in the office looked like this:


2015-10-28 21.32.07

And I actually got a compliment for the tie from one of our fashion photographers! WIN! The Force is with this outfit.

I got the tie and the clasp from two different vendors on Etsy, the rest you can pick up at any fashion store of your choice.