With EdX on the way to an Astronomy Degree #win

A long, long time ago, I wanted to be a scientist, an astronomer to be precise. I started dabbling in astronomy in my early teens and have been interested in the stars basically since I first saw the night sky.

For various reasons (mainly the prospect of finding steady work and other considerations) I was not able to pursue a regular astronomy degree when I had the chance.

Never fear! With the coming of the internet new avenues of learning opened. There are by now several dedicated websites to choose from if you want to enhance your eductaion or go down whole new roads. Here are the ones I have used in the past or I am still using:





But my proudest achievement in online learing comes with EdX and a course that was offered by Harvard, no less. As you can guess, it was a course in astronomy, and also astrobiology, come to think of it.

It is still a long road ahead, but every degree begins with the passing of the first course:


EdX - Superearths and Life

This is just the first step, but I sincerely hope I will be able to continue down this road. Even if I will not manage to work in the field, I will at least be a gentleman scientist and this alone is worth it!