Non-Euclidean Æthercast #34 – Interview with Naziyah Mahmood: Astrophyisicist, Aerospace Engineer, Geek and Ninjabi

It is rare to do an interview with somebody who has so many credentials in the field of general awesome as Naziyah Mahmood. She is an astrophysicist and aerospace engineer who has lectured about black holes and worked with ESA, the European Space Agency. The projects she worked on include CryoSat 2 and ESMO.


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On top of that, she is a martial arts expert with an impressive collection of weapons (as you will find out), a general geek and pure and simply a great person to have a chat with.

We talked about science, languages, martial arts, poetry, philosophy, religion, being geek (including fashion choices) and several tangents are in there as well. And before I forget: You will also find out the story behind the Ninjabis!

Please enjoy and check out her homepage and Facebook presence.


CryoSat 2


Also, here are the official websites for CryoSat 2 and ESMO for you to take a look and educate yourselves.


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