Feature: Magpie by Andrez Bergen and Frantz Kantor

Andrez Bergen, this time together with Frantz Kantor, is at it again, another glorious project. This time a comic with a definite Golden Age of Comics feel to it, please read on:

words by Andrez Bergen / art by Frantz Kantor

Magpie is done very much in the spirit of, well, The Spirit – taking on the concept that people like Will Eisner and Tarpé Mills did of telling complete stories and off-beat vignettes, with a sense of humor as much as a nod to noir, over 8-page installments.

While an homage to the comics we love from the golden age to contemporary ones, it also carries with it a pastiche/deconstruction of multi-media pop-culture sensibilities, and the odd fracture of the fourth wall.

Along the way, within each tale, there are nods and winks at everything – from Roy Thomas to ‘Ghost in the Shell’, M.C. Escher wrestling Russ Manning’s ‘Magnus, Robot Fighter’, 1960s television, and on into mass-media current affair programs.



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Writer Andrez Bergen (andrezbergen.wordpress.com) is an Australian expat who’s lived in Tokyo these past 15 years. He works as a journalist, author, musician and artist, and has co-run IF? Commix (based out of Melbourne) since 2013.
He’s authored 5 novels and published short stories with Crime Factory, Snubnose Press, Shotgun Honey, All Due Respect, and NoirCon. He also occasionally work on adapting the English subtitles for anime features by Production I.G (creators of Ghost in the Shell) in Japan.
Sequentially, Bergen has published 2 graphic novels (Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and Bullet Gal: It’s Not You, It’s Me) and 3 comic book series (Bullet Gal, Trista & Holt, and Tales to Admonish). With all of these, aside from Tales to Admonish, he worked as artist as well as writer.

Artist Frantz Kantor (frantzkantor.com) is a concept artist, illustrator and production designer based in Melbourne – a veteran of the Australian comic book scene, having worked on ‘zines in the industry’s early days in the 1980s, such as the groundbreaking Inkspots.
He also created a nationwide scandal (of sorts) when he drew a caricature of newsreader Anne Fullwood naked for Australian Penthouse in May 1993.

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