When Beatrice Potter met Jules Verne – The Art of Julian Quaye

Oh yes, the quaint days of our childhood and the stories of Beatrix Potter with Peter Rabbit and the others… But eventually we all grow up and so sometimes does Peter Rabbit. Sometimes, a good dose of Jules Verner or Dieselpunk gets injected and what happens then? Well, the works of  Julian Quaye, that’s what. Beautifully detailed anthropomorphic animal paintings with a darker undertone.

They are not the animals of Beatrix Potter, leading quaint little lives. They are underworld leaders, bon vivants and heads of cults:

Boris Westminster by gasslight




Horny Beast

No, I do not think any of them would be a hero of a children’s book, not at all. What I do think is, that this is very intriguing art in deed, and there is more to be found:

Check out Julian’s homepage and his site on Pinterest, you will be amazed!


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