Steampunk for a good cause – The art of Curtis Allen

I am always ready supporting a good cause and this is one:

The gentleman and artist Curtis Allen has decided to use his art to heelp Women’s Aid – a UK charity that helps women and children victims of domestic abuse.

More precisely, he has created a Steampunk Mother’s Day card for UK Mother’s Day on March 5th. Check it out:


So, if you want to send a lovely little note to your mother and help a worthy charity, £1 from every sale will be donated, sidle over to Curtis’ shop and get one!

And there is more, Cadbury, yes, them of the lovely chocolate are in, too, as Curtis himself explains:

It’s Mother’s Day in a month’s time in the UK – March the 5th! Put it in your diaries.

My realisation of this coincided with me reading and hearing a few bad news stories focused around misogyny and poor treatment of women.

My mother is a woman.

I read an article on Wednesday that suggested that instead of giving more publicity to proponents of misogyny by sharing their links and decrying them online, we post links to women’s shelters on them instead. It got me to thinking about what else I could do to help in a similar way.

​ I’ve been feeling for a while that I’d like to try and make my drawings into something more useful than they currently are, and Mother’s Day seems a great time to start. So as a first step, I will donate £1 from every sale of my “Coggington’s” Mother’s Day card between now and Mother’s Day to the charity Women’s Aid.

Women’s Aid are a UK charity that aims to meet the needs of women and children affected by domestic abuse. My girlfriend fundraised for them a bit ago and I think the work they do in both protection and education is great and very worthwhile.

As an added bonus, as I work for Cadbury World, The Cadbury Foundation will cash-match up to £100 of any donations I make in this way pound-for-pound, doubling my donation.

I will be making the donations as a lump sum (to minimise on administration and processing for them) after Mother’s Day,

These cards are blank inside so will also make a great birthday card for mum, so even if your mum’s birthday isn’t for months, now’s a great time to get one of these cards from me and help a great cause at the same time.

Please do share this post around everyone you know.


Quote source: Curtis Allen’s blog.

So please, you know what to do now if you love your mother and want to help others in a small way.

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