Feature and Review: Driven Serious -Punk Folk from North East England

The glorious discoveries never end. I have to thank my friend Karin van Woeren for this one, who kindly pointed me into Driven Serious‘ direction.
So, what do we have here? Well, Punk Folk! And it is high-purity great stuff!


I must admit, since Driven Serious came to me via a Steampunk Group on Facebook, I expected something different from what I got but that did not diminish my enjoyment in any way.

Have an ear-full yourself:



This is something fresh, something different and it is simply great to listen to. If you check out their soundcloud page, you find plenty of other great tracks.

Now for the review:
This is going to be a quick one, since it is only (and sadly) only a three-track EP kind of thing or I got a sample set of three tracks, all live and not all of them on soundlcoud.
As I said, Driven Serious are fresh, different and new. In the three tracks I got to listen to, they already display a great variety of styles they can master: One is the track above, the next one is a ballad and the final track starts with, for lack of a better word, ska-folk and then turns into a great punk folk anthem, with some violin work in there which leasantly reminded me of the early albums of Skyclad, when Martin Valkyer was still with them.

I will not give a rating, the EP is a bit short for that, but I highly recommend you check Driven Serious out, they are also on spotify, but I do not know with whcich tracks, since I do not use that service.

I have subscribed to their souncloud stream and am already lurking for the next update!