The Johnny Seven Toy Gun – Atompunk hurray!

Oh yes, the good ol’ days of the 1960s, when men were still real men, women were still real women and small fluffy creatures from Alpha Centauri… You get the idea. It was also the time of heavily gendered toys and a Real Boy™ needed a big gun to be a soldier, because, he was going to be one. Obviously, the 1960s are a handful of decades before the invention of the iconic BFG, but there was this one toy, that was so over the top as a toy gun, it would deserve the title of BFG anyway.

I am talking of course about the Johnny Seven Toy Gun, it really defies proper description, it is so over the top, and the marketing as well. It is the must-have toy for a Real Boy™, but I am repeating myself. I also think it is delightfully atompunk and captures the spirit of the time:

  1. America has the biggest guns
  2. Our technology is the best
  3. Our Real Boys™ are more real than yours!

And now, without further ado, here is the official advert for the Johnny Seven Toy Gun. It is somewhere between absolutely awesome and high-powered cringe-worthy, depending on your perspective.