Non-Euclidean Æthercast #37 – Muslims are Geeks, too!

Today’s podcast features the author, nurse, geek and lady of many talents Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali.




She was kind enough to respond to my call for Muslim geeks so we could have a chat to make one thing clear: The regular Muslim you meet is just that: A regular person with regular thing on their mind and in this particular case: A lot of regular geek things.

We talk about faith, politics (especially concerning bad-hair guy), writing, anime, Mass Effect, Fallout and gaming in general, and podcasts.

And here are some links to stuff we talked about:


Khaalida’s homepage and her narrations


One of Khaalidah’s stories as a podcast

The art of one of her daughters and of the other daughter, and a Youtube Channel

And this is her novel:




But now, without further ado, please enjoy the podcast!