Today’s Look is: Metalhead goes to work

Another fashion post by yours truly for the fashionable alternative gentleman, and yes, the pictures where taken just before I went to work today.

This time, I have chosen to complement my long hair (ponytail down to just below my shoulders) with some appropriate garments which are still mainstream enough to go to your office job with, but you can also go to a concert straight afterwards:







The tie is The Alchemist necktie by Alchemy, the coat is an Angelo Litrico leather coat from the Winter 2000 collection (yes, it is already 15 1/2 years old and still in great shape), shirt and trousers are just generic black garments you can get anywhere, really. Of particular note is the tie-clasp. A genuine 1920s silver Zeppelin Hindenburg clasp I got off ebay, so if you fancy one, you have to hunt for it yourself, sorry about that.