Book Feature: CT Hutt- Havoc’s Children: Dog Days of Thereafter

I was contacted the other day by a writer who shares the birthday with H.P. Lovecraft, reason enough to feature his novel, I say, but before I come to this, here is what others have said concerning CT Hutt:


A rather peculiar fellow reached out to me the other day. His name is CT Hutt, he’s a former cowboy turned writer who now works out of Boulder, Colorado. Hutt has had a few weird western stories published in magazines like Beneath Ceaseless Skies and recently self-published his first book, Havoc’s Children: Dog Days ofThereafter.


I haven’t read through it all the way through, but the artwork is pretty incredible for a self-published book. Early reviews call the story “a swirling, sprawling, grueling mix of old-west grim survivalism, innocence taken, vengeance most brutal, politicking, shooting, brawling, strange religions, bizarre science, love, despair, hope, and (of course) a horde of murderous undead abominations.”


The entire project has a good feel for the steampunk genre and sells for just $1.99. If you are looking for a solid summer read that won’t break the bank, this eBook may be for you.


It turns out that Hutt shares a birthday with H.P. Lovecraft. I’m not sure if that is a good omen for his chosen career path, or an ominous one. In either case, it should be interesting to follow.

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Here is a short synopsis:

“A sickness digs itself out of the ruins of a long dead city. The infected stalk across the land, sowing seeds of anarchy and civil war behind them. Every citizen of Thereafter is expected to do their duty and contain the blight, including the young folk of a mountain town called Havoc.

Mechanics, preachers, assassins, lawmen, scientists, and soldiers find themselves at the center of a conflict that may tear their world apart.”


And this is an in-world proclamation:

Muster Announcement Havoc


So, click the cover image and check out the novel yourselves!