Book Feature: Legacy by Michelle Lowe

The popularity of Steampunk is not waning, not at all. In fact, I have not had so many authors contacting me for a feature of their work in a long time. Here comes the next one:

The lady Michelle Lowe has created an intriguing steam fantasy setting in a book series by the name of Legacy that is my great pleasure to feature here. This is an excerpt of the first novel:

Pierce Landross’s strange dream about flying machines drifted from his memory. Again, he tried holding onto the images, yet they slipped away as his eyes opened. He remembered nothing.

He’d awakened in his hotel room after a day’s sleep. He’d arrived just the evening before, tired and hungry. After eating at the downstairs pub, he’d come up to his room and had fallen asleep the moment he’d hit the mattress. He’d stayed in the same position on his belly until his body had fully restored from its restfulness. With a groan and a deep yawn, he got out of bed, stretched, and went over to the washbasin. After cleaning his face and the rest of the sleep away, he looked at himself in the mirror. The room glowed with the afternoon light, giving him a clear view of his scar.

It was his daily reminder of betrayal and heartbreak. Every detail of that horrible night played out in significant fragments; the punch that had brought him down, the knife, the look on his assailant’s face, and then the abandonment when it was all over. Every time he touched the scar, he could almost feel the jagged blade tearing across his skin.

He shook off the memory and splashed more water on his face. A pang in his stomach told him that needed food. He also needed to find a ship willing to let him onboard before the royal guards caught up with him. He’d go anywhere as long as it was hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away.

A week and a half ago, he’d crossed a line, earning him nothing more than a hunting party on his tail, aiming to bring him back to London. He’d managed a razor-thin escape in Aylesham before crossing the Channel into France, where he’d traveled down the coast, only stopping to steal horses to keep up a steady getaway.

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About the Author:  Michelle E. Lowe is the author of The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, the action adventure/fantasy steampunk series, titled Legacy. Children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and the three part adventure children’s series, The Hex Hunt. She is also a mother, wife, and painter. Her works in progress are the continuations for Legacy. Currently, she lives in Lake Forest, California.




Twitter: @MichelleLowe_7