Upcoming Graphic Novel: Victorian Bareknuckle League

From beautiful Budapest comes an independent graphic novel called Victorian Bareknuckle League, set in alternative past really not too different from our own Victorian Era, and it is my pleasure to give you a glimpse into it already.

First, a really short synopsis what it is all about:

Victorian Bareknuckle League is the story of a peace loving young lady who descends into the seedy underbelly of the eponymous Victorian Bareknuckle League, and all kinds of adventure ensue.

The creative crew (one of whom, Mr. Bilbao, has credentials working for Marvel) are the right honorable:

Writer Carl Jackson

Artist Jake Bilbao

Colourist Pika Ciuka

Here is some artwork, so you can get a glimpse of what glorious things awaits you once the project is finished:





You can find out more here, please:

And there will also be a Kickstarter to help finalize this project, I keep you posted on that one.
All Artwork © Jackson/Bilbao/Ciuka and used with kind permission