Product Review: Cthulhu Pendant by Gudbrand Jewelry

It has been more than 20 years now since I became a Cthulhu devotee, well, a fan anyway, but there is something that has been missing from my possessions that a cultist should have: Dedicated Cthulhu Jewelry.

To rectify this abhorrent situation, I delved into the deepest, darkes, Nightgaunt- and Hunting Horror-haunted abysses of the Internet in search of something which would serve the purpose and please both me and the Great Old One Cthulhu.

What I found (via a simple Google image search) was the Gudbrand Jewelry shop on Etsy. One thing: Check it out, apart from the Cthulhu Amulet/Pendant I got, it also stocks some great Norse/Viking jewelry, other ethnic and just general jewelry. Really beautiful stuff!

But now for the Cthulhu amulet, this is what it looks like:

The one I got is made of brass, but there is also a sterling silver version available, and I am delighted. This pendant is worthy to be worn at any occasion. It is beautifully detailed,solid, heavy but not too heavy and the chain is slim but sturdy. When I say “heavy but not too heavy” what I mean is: It has enough weight not to feel flimsy and cheap but is not so heavy as to feel uncomfortable around your neck.
Added bonus: Gudbrand is based in Estonia, so for European customers like me, there is little postage and the overall price tag is really low if you compare it to German, British or French prices. So: Money for value in this beautiful piece is excellent.

All in all, the Cthulhu pendant by Gudbrand gets 10 out of 10 carved idols!