Fhtagn is just four sigil word!

Oh yes, it is that time of the year again when the Gothic community of the world goes on its annual pilgrimage to Leipzig. The Wave Gotik Treffen is 25 this year and thus has outlived the Loveparade and other festivals of other subcultures by a wide margin.
Yesterday, while thinking about the Wave Gotik Treffen, one of my favourite songs back when I first had contact with the Goth scene and then I realized, it can be turned into a Cthulhu hymn with little effort:

Fhtagn is just a four sigil word

What has changed me into something I don’t know?
Not-dead ancestors like I never know
Fish eyes bouncing in a room of blinded me
Careful of feelings I thought I knew me
A shape is waiting at the corner screaming at me
There is loathing for myself: the hidden me
A closet of unspeakable things no sight to put them in
Hateful sea so deep with no one to swim within
An ancient tale, eons old is just today
Once tomorrow, maybe never, changing me
I am clothed in a shell of scaly sin
Soon I swim to my ancestors, they will let me in
Half-breed offspring is only second-grade
I hate to discuss what this cult has made
Webbing on my hands I know it all too well
Staring at the glass I know myself too well
Fhtagn is just a four sigil word,
Fhtagn is just a four sigil word.

And this is the original song with lyrics: