Steampunk Art: Gary Nicholls – The Imaginarium Book 1

Way back in 2013 I introduced you to the art of Gary Nicholls and back then, there were already plans being made to turn Gary’s art into a limited edition art print book.
Well, now the project is taking shape and there is a campaign at Kickstarter, which has already gained some traction.
Even better, what was supposed to be only one book will now become a trilogy of books, this is the art that will be featured in there:



And if this is not enough to kindle your interest in the project already, here is the pitch in words and video:


The Imaginarium Trilogy, began in September 2012, by chance.

Meticulously crafted by Gary Nicholls, a British photographic conceptual artist, comes the first book of his conceptualised neo-gothic fairy story eponymously based on the Victorian fairground attractions of The Imaginarium. ‘The Imaginarium’ tells an intricate, fantastical, dark but ultimately beautiful steampunk story through the unique medium of fine art images. Four years in the making, Nicholls’ creation is so much more than just a book – it’s an adventure through the power of art that simultaneously tells an epic, powerful story readers will be immersed in from page one.


Now sidle over to the campaign page and lend your support!