Fallout / Cthulhu Crossover: The Innsmouth Rangers

There are more than just a handful of references and nods to the works of H.P. Lovecraft in Fallout (my favourite PC game series). Some of them rather obvious, like Pickman Gallery and The Dunwich Building, including the altar to Ug-Qualtoth, how obvious can you get, and the Dunwich Borers. The works of H.P. Lovecraft referenced are Pickman’s Model and The Dunwhich Horror respectively. With Ug-Qualtoth being inspired by any of the Outer Gods of Lovecraft’s Pantheon such as Azathoth and Yog Sothoth.

And here, have a look at the Dunwich Building in-game:

There is an obvious link between the world Fallout takes place in and the world Lovecraft created and this of course opens the door for some interesting ideas:

Is there a Dunwich or an Innsmouth somewhere in Pre-Great War America? For the sake of the argument I presume there is.

Now, in 2077 Arkham would most likely be absorbed into greater Boston but some of the more rural areas might still be fairly untouched and still backward. Innsmouth for example, pretty depopulated after the winter 1927-28 could have been largely ignored concerning urban development, connection to major highways and railroads etc. So, while Boston and othe rurban centers were nuked in 2077, Innsmouth, with 149 years to recover, might have been spared a direct hit and also might have had at least some residents, who could have gone into the deep ocean to wait things out. So 2287 you might have a relatively untouched town at the coast, filled with cultists and possibly very able to defend themselves (maybe with loot even from sunken US and Chinese Navy vessels). Maybe 2287 is the year they have recovered enough and gathered enough ressources to try to expand and send forces out to expand their influence.

Why am I spinning this idea? Because I have for the first time in my life sojourned into cosplay and have created a Cthulhu/Fallout crossover character. A member of the Innsmouth militia, a member of the Innsmouth Rangers to be precise.

I am taking the costume/cahracter to the RPC in Cologne next weekend, and I cannot share any photos, because I have a bet running with a friend of mine, but there will be some in the near future.