The First Mission of the Innsmouth Ranger

As I have stated in a previous post, I have sojourned into the realm of cosplay and went to my first event today. Well, I have been at the RPC (Role Play Convention) in Cologne before, but today I went in full gear.

The gear I chose was that of a post-Great War Innsmouth Ranger. A (up to now) slight variation on the NCR ranger of Fallout: New Vegas.

The helmet is a basic NCR Ranger helmet which was created by the talented hands of Deadbeard Props and Brazen & Bold Productions, both situated in Vienna.

This is the helmet:

And may I say: I got a lot (and I mean: A LOT) of compliments for this helmet. After the sixth I stopped counting. The craftsmanship and overall quality found many admierers, so well done, Brazen & Bold Productions and Deadbeard Props. You really know what you are doing!

The helmet will get its own dedicated article and review in the near future.

Since I do not have any other specific equipment yet, except for the Cthulhu pendant I featured here several posts ago, I went for completely black attire. To signal my generally non-violent intent, I also carried this sign:

Free Hugs!

The sign proved to be a great success and I was able to give a huge number of hugs to a diverse range of RPC visitors and made quite a few friends:

So the first mission was a success. I shall continue with another mission eventually and there is also more to tell about the RPC but this will have to wait for another day. I had a day full of concentrated Awesome at the RPC and it si time to rest, now!