Guardians of the Rose – Retro-adventure game from the 8-bit days – Please support!

The Ætherbox has brought yet another worthy project to my attention: Guardians of the Rose, an independent fantasy adventure game done in wonderfully retro 8-bit style and thus harking back to the glorious days of the very first Legend of Zelda and other classic titles.

First, the trailer:

But since technology has progressed, there is a lot more power behind the graphics and Guardians of the Rose offers a number of features the original Legend of Zelda and similar titles from the mid-1980s did and could not have. Thus, Guardians of the Rose features:

  • The possibility to align with Good or Evil – You get to choose whether Good or Evil prevails.  Your alignment is based on your actions.  Killing monsters near a town to save villagers is an act that earns good points while killing innocent villagers, stealing, or using witchcraft will accumulate evil points.  Your alignment affects which NPCs are friendly towards you and which ones are enemies.  It also can change your path in the story, which quests you can take, what gear you can wear, and more.



  • Guild Master of a Secret Society – You play as a guild master of a Secret Society who’s goal is world peace, at any cost. You will need a few allies to help you overthrow the Great Witches. You have the choice to recruit any NPC in the game but if you choose the wrong person to recruit it can turn into a fight and blow your cover as a revolutionary (or if you have taken a more evil path it could blow your cover as an Ally to the Great Witches).
  • Gear, more gear and magic gear – There are all kinds of swords, daggers, bows, headgear, armor, accessories, etc. They can all be enchanted with magic or witchcraft. You can also hunt down epic gear that is already enchanted. Some gear has stat based wearing requirements while others come with the cost of exposing you as a revolutionary or a witchcraft user.
  • Witchcraft – Witchcraft is known in the kingdom as the source of all evil. Using it risks your ability to get along with natives of the land and if caught using witchcraft you can compromise your ability to experience certain endings of the game. If you do choose to use witchcraft you can craft it with items that you find in your explorations.
  • Stats System – Stats are the five character statistics that make your character completely customizable.  Each time you level up you can invest points into your character to tailor it towards the way you prefer to play the game.

The story of the game was inspired by such classics as Homer, the Viking Sagas, and Lord of the Rings. All in all, I am rather excited about this little game.

Now, since it is an indie release, there is a Kickstarter campaign running to get the funds to finish it together. The campaign is almost there, but only almost, so, lend your support! You get the game for just $10, so nothing can go wrong!

All images © Broc Copeland, with kind permission