Vultures of Horror – A Nollywood Gem

Everyone of my readers knows Hollywood (I strongly assume anyway) and I guess the vast majority has also heard of Bollywood (the Indian counterpart centered in Mumbai) but were you aware there is also a Nollywood? If you cannot guess, the etymology of Nollywood is Nigeria + Hollywood. Nigeria has quite a history of film making and the whole industry is virtually unknown over here. I hope I can change this to a small degree.

And thus, it is with great pleasure I present Vultures of Horror to you. This is the very brief synopsis:


When may a revival be expected when the wickedness of the wicked grieves and distresses the innocent. Kwame’s family are enemies of progress and their victims have had enough.
“God bears with the wicked but not forever”
An intriguing edgy thriller that shows that evildoers face the consequences of their own actions.


The movie has a very strong Christian message, and I mean: VERY STRONG. Also, it is tailored to the tastes of its target audience and their expectations, so if you find Bollywood movies hard to relate to, Vultures of Horror will take “hard to relate to” to a whole new level.

Also: The film (which is the first in a whole series) was shot using a budget that was possibly lower than the original Blair Wich Project, so do not expect anything comparable to Deadpool. Just sit back, relax and enjoy what I think is already a classic:


I really have to look deeper into Nollywood. I am already very interested Nigerian literature (the late Chinua Achebe being my favourite author together with H.P. Lovecraft) and I am sure there have to be movies with a less pronounced moral/Christian message.


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