Steampunk is Self-Resurrecting (a happy rant)

This blog started out entirely dedicated to Steampunk in July 2008. It became pretty popular in the Steampunk scene and stayed on topic up until October 2015 when I moved the blog to it’s new domain, The last dedicated Steampunk post on this blog is six weeks in the past, which is also indicative of my waning interest in the subject. Me getting bored with Steampunk and wanting to move on is not a new phenomenon to me. It has happened in the past and each time, something came along to rekindle my interest in the scene and the subject.
As it turns out, this time will be no different.

Something is brewing.
A well-known figure in the Dutch scene, Bonsart will have me as a guest in an upcoming Google Hangout in August and he in turn will be a guest on the Non-Euclidean Æthercast. The hangout will be on Radio Retrofuture Youtube Channel later.

Here is a taste of the channel:

The topic of the hangout I will be participating in will be somewhere in the vicinity of Steampunk and scepticism, which is of course near and dear to my heart, but I digress. On with self-resurrection:

Once more, as I said, Steampunk has managed to move into my main field of interest again and once again for a most splendid reason: Outreach by a fellow Steampunk and another prominent European figure, no less. This is something I love dearly about the scene: For all its tendencies towards costume-arms-races and Steampunk being highjacked for monetary reasons lately (one particular nasty example is an event which used to be a Renaissance Faire and they just turned it into a Steampunk Faire now, all for the sake of attracting more visitors and thus, make cash), there is still this wonderful spirit of community. Steampunks still reach out to one another, do things together and, as in the upcoming case, discuss topics of general interest from a Steampunk perspective.

Also: The topics are becoming broader and more encompassing. At least, that is my impression. Steampunk has eveolved into the kind of subculture which lends itself to viewing things in life through its perspective. Very much like you can extrapolate a worldview and philosophy from Punk, Goth and to a lesser degree Heavy Metal, you can do this with Steampunk as well.

This is also probably one of the reasons Steampunk is so enduring despite the fact it being a relatively small scene compared to the other three I mentioned. It lends a unique perspective to life, the universe and everything. From its inception, Steampunk came with a world-view, a very positive world-view rooted in the Belle Epoque. Thus, it had a destinct advantage over mainly music-driven subclutiures (like the techno scen, for example) from the get-go. Also, Steampunk is attractive to a far greater age-range and as such has access to a wider range of life-experiences and thus possible ideas based on experiences influencing it. Consequently, there is a greater range of ideas despite the relatively small audience.

This attractiveness to people of all ages, the unique outlook on life and the overall very positive message of Steampunk will keep it going for some time, I think. There will still be new ideas, new topics of discussion and more influence into general culture and thus, even if it may be waning at times, Steampunk will remain self-rsurrecting, for me personally and for the subculture and scene in general.