Professor Elemental – I’m British (redux) – The Brexit Version

The most venerable Professor Elemental, adventurer in time and space, wearer of fighting  and time travel trousers, gentleman rhymer and overall excellent chap has updated “I’m British” (From his 2012 album Father of Invention) in light of current events. I think the updated cover of the track speaks volumes regarding the side Professor Elemental stands on:




The lyrics reflect Professor Elemental’s feelings on the whole Brexit disaster and he puts them in words which are truely his own. Noone else could have rhymed biting, harsh criticism of a stupid decision and made fun of some repulsive characters in politics (even when compared to other politicians) so eloquently.
I particularly loved his heartfelt apology for the absolute waste of DNA, Nigel Farage, at the end and the fact he apologized for Boris Johnson and Johnson’s hair seperately.

The good Professor will also donate all proceeds of the sale of this track to Refugee Action.


So please, for the love of great music, steampunk and humanity, get yourself a copy of this track, and let the Brexit farttwoodles know what you think of them.

Image © Bob Molesworth, fair use