Non-Euclidean Æthercast #38 – A Chat with Bonsart Bokel of Radio Retrofuture


Today I have the great pleasure of having Bonsart Bokel, host of the Radio Retrofuture Youtube channel (please subscribe!) as my guest on the Non-Euclidean Æthercast.

We cover a lot of ground during the course of the podcast, from Medieval reenactment, to retrofuturistic reenactment, yes this actually works. Bonsart has founded the RAG-TAG: Regiment Anachronistische Grenadiers, check them out. RAG-TAG are actually supposed to be the goons and evil henchmen, but like so many of the “evil guys”, the 501st Legion is the best example, I think, they do some really great stuff, in their case some “Stormtrooper courses” for children, with nerf guns and other fun-enhancers.

But I am not going to spoil the podcast here, just tease it.

Before I forget, check out here for interview on the Fedora Chronicles with Bonsart that gets mentioned on a number of occasions during our chat.

And just some shameless promotion:

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