Putting the Steam into STEM (teaser)

This update is just a teaser to a bigger thing that is coming up. It ties in rather nicely with a point I made several blog posts ago concerning Steampunk and education.

My good friend Bonsart Bokel of Radio Retrofuture, who is providing me with a lot of input lately, has pointed my attention towards a debate that has been going on in the science/teaching world, especially in the USA for a while.

In short it is about this:

Should the focus on STEM subjects in school (i.e. Science, Technology, Enineering, Mathematics) be extended by an A for Art, thus, turning STEM into STEAM (Hurray!).

Opinions are not only devided on the matter, as is basically always the case on the ætherweb, there are some rather nasty flame wars going on.
Accusations of Patriarchical Dominace™ and Feminazi Activism™ in various stages of colourful language being flung left and right at the dark end of the conversation.

Since I am rather interested in matters of education, I decided to look into the matter and will present my findings later. As you can probably tell, I also have an opinion on the matter which is different from Bonsart’s from what I gathered but since I am still in the process of collecting material, I will not voice anything just yet.

In any case, this is a fascinating subject! Talk to you soon.