FREAKSHOW – Lies of the Machine’s First Album Is Here! LISTEN!

From beautiful Hungary, the country of my ancestors (some of them, anyway) comes not only one of my favourite Steampunk bands but also one of my favourite bands in general: Lies of the Machine.
I have been following Lies of the Machine for some time now and was really excited when they announced the release of their first album.

The wait was long but it was well worth it. Apart from a few songs they played before and that I saw them perform live at Steamtropolis in Bochum, there is also brand new material, never hear before, neither by me, nor the universe in general.


Before we come to the playlist, one more thing:

Lies of the Machine are yet another example of how incredibly diverse the music in the Steampunk scene is. Other bands play electro-heavy music with a sSteampunk theme, others psychedelic rock, others punk and Lies of the Machine?

Well, it is actually really hard to say. It is some sort of slightly psychotic punk rock with what I guess could be Hungarian folk elements. In any case it lives up to the title of the albumFreakshow and it was well worth the wait. Feast your ears on that one, a full review will follow.

Here is the complete album, completely officially free of charge for you to listen to:



And here are some more websites for you to visit:
Interactive digital booklet Treat yourselves to this one, it is beautiful, weird and just epic!