Distopia Argentina – A Latin American Steampunk Web Series! Please support!

Another message from the Ætherweb which filled me with delight. Every time I see something Steampunk-related going on outside the beaten paths of Western Europe and the anglophone world, it makes me happy and this message made me especially happy, since it came from an aerea of the world where some of my oldest friends in the Steampunk scene reside: Argentina.

So, it is with great pleasure I prsent the webseries Distopia Argentina to you, which is looking for supporters on IndieGogo. This is the trailer and it looks epic!


This is what the people behind Distopia Argentina have to say about their project:

Why doing “Distopía: Argentia” /  Por qué hacer “Distopía: Argentia”

We needed to tell a story: with strong, empathic characters, in a visually rich and gorgeous environment. Steampunk genre is ideal for this. And we wanted to take all that into screen with the best possible quality.

And that’s how this idea of making a steampunk web series was born, and we felt instantly in love with it! With this indiegogo campaign we dream of having this series made “Distopia: Argentia”.

Precisabamos contar una historia; con personajes fuertes, empáticos, en un entorno visualmente rico y apasionante. El género steampunk es ideal para ello, y queríamos llevar todo éso a la pantalla con la mejor calidad posible.
Y así nació la idea de hacer una serie web steampunk; idea que nos enamoró instantáneamente! Con ésta campaña soñamos concretar Distopia: Argentia.

So please find it in your heart or whatever you have, to support this project and make this webseries come to life! Just go here to the IndieGoGo campaign page and make a modest or generous donation.


I will follow this project very closely and keep you posted!