A Special Type of Doomsday: The False Vacuum of the Higg’s Boson

Doomsday scenarios are a common trope in science fiction of all media types and most of us can list a few of them out of the top of our heads. Common ones are:

  • Global war of one sort or another (nuclear, biological, a mix of it all)
  • Alien Invasion
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • The sun goes nova prematurely
  • The sun turns dark prematurely
  • The Maya calendar malfunctions

I could go on.

Most of those scenarios are pretty localized in scope, i.e. destroying (in order of growing magnitude) human civilization, mankind as a whole, the Earth, the entire Solar System (or at least making Earth and/or the Solar System uninhabitable for humans). The Solar System, however, is where things usually end on the apocalypse scale.

Now, in comes science, painting a scenario that could possibly be the end of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. I am not talking about the Cold Death of the universe when all the stars have vanished and the last black hole has evaporated due to Hawking radiation. This ( in about 102500 years, just think about that number. The current age is 1.4 * 1013years). The Cold Death actually means the universe still exist but the temperature would for all purposes be absolute zero (0 Kelvin, −273.15 °C−459.67 °F ) but it would still be there.

There is another scenario, that would actually simply annihilate our universe (and could theoretically be going on right now in some distant part of it already). This scenario assumes that the vacuum state of the Higg’s Boson is a false vacuum. If this is the case, we are all doomed sooner or later.

If you are confused now, because of all these weird terms, watch this video:

And with these happy thoughts I am off for today.