Review: The Things That Should Not Squee

Every cult evolves over time. Teachings are dropped, others are incorporated. Just look at the different manuscripts of the Bible that are available (and extant).

The Cthulhu Cult is no different. Currently, there are two main branches extant on the internet and beyond: The purist who continue spreading cosmic, unrelenting horror and the other ones. The other ones have taken it upon themselves to show a lighter, cuter side of the Mythos. They are responsible for the Plushies, the wonderful The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) and other such manifestations.

Along the same vein comes the wonderful Cthulhu Mythos picture book The Things That Should Not Squee, by Peter Andrews and published by Lunar Press Publishing.




As the name suggests, it presents a number of depictions of Cthulhu Mythos entities that are likely to go “Squee” but should not. Peter Andrews is clearly not only a very gifted artist, but also shows a deep knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos, since the book includes some more obscure creatures and deities such as Lloigor and Rhan-Tegoth (who is one of my favourites).

The hobbies, general behaviours and moods Peter depicts are worth several chuckles and laughs and the ideas behind them can only come from a mind that has been thoroughly twisted.

Such as this one, a Dhole going to the car wash:


Or the Colour Out of Space enjoying some modern art:



A truely delightful piece of Cthulhu Mythos art and something every fan should have in their library. The only downside: It is woefully short. Only 32 illustrations are contained in the booklet.


Still, it is well worth eight out of ten screaming phobias.



All artwork in this article © Luna Press Publishing, all rights reserved. Used with kind permission.