Non-Euclidean Æthercast #41 – Interview with Shequeta Smith and review of Rayven Choi

A few weeks back I already posted the trailer of the graphic novel series Rayven Choi, featuring the eponymous super heroine who is out to hunt the people who killed her parents. Sounds a bit like Batman, but it is not. Obviously, the hero is a lady and Rayven Choi is also not a billionaire but poor and not least of all, she is black.

So we have a graphic novel featuring a poor black super heroine which is something I have not seen in comics at all. Luckily, after featuring Rayven Choi I was contacted by the author of Rayven Choi and director of the trailer I featured, Shequeta Smith, and she offered to be a guest on my podcast.

Shequeta L. Smith

I of course took the opportunity, and as you can hear in the podcast above, we had a really fun chat and I am hoping we get to meet during the planned European tour.

Also, hee is the review of the grahic novel which I begin by featuring some of the pages of the first book in the series:


As you can see, the artwork is top-notch, it is also the only thing that is not quite to my taste. I am a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series and prefer the style used in this series and its spin-offs. Still, the artwork is dynamic, realistic and really helps carry the feel of the story along. The story itself is an action-packed mix of spy-thriller, murder mystery, and also enough basic real-life troubles, something you do not find often in superhero comics, which makes Rayven Choi really relatable to as a heroine. Bonus: Since Rayven Choi is from the US but grows up in South Korea, there is a strong multi-cultural flavour to it, which adds to the overall quality of the reading experience.

All in all, after finishing the first book, I am also getting al the other five in the series.

Nine out of ten bullets with vengeance written on them.


And  you can get your own copy here.


Find out more about Rayven Choi and Shequeta Smith over at Sherocomics and on Facebook.



All images (c) Shequeta L.Smith used with kind permission