Featured Website: SteampunkArtifacts

It has been a while since I did a proper steampunk-related post on the blog, so I am going to remedy the situation right now by doing a little feature on this website:


SteampunkArtifacts Logo (Light)


SteampunkArtifacts came to my attention via my ætherbox, the owner of the website contacted me and inquired about the possibility of having a paid post, which is something I do not do. What I do instead, I just feature commercial sites if the y fit the blog and if I like them, which is the case here.

SteampunkArtifacs, from beautiful Montreal, Canada, offers a wide range of Steampunk accessories from glasses and goggles to jewelry to corsets and hats. It does not offer Steampunk fashion per se but if you are looking for small thongs to steampunk-up your outfit, SteampunkArtifacts is a good place to go.

Danny Sattar, the head of the SteampunkArtifacts team, has this to say about the website and Steampunk in general:

Steampunk caught me up not long after I discovered it, with the rise in awareness and popularity it’s been going through in recent years, I just couldn’t stay away. The costumes, the culture, how could I not? It showed up in the movies I watched, the books I read. I met some people who really got me into it, and who explained to me the world of Neo-Victorian wonder. From there, I was hooked. But, getting into it was hard. Buying things was a nightmare, parts were so hard to find, especially at a reasonable cost. Of course, you can go online to some places, Etsy, for example, but the cost was so high- it wasn’t reasonable when I wanted to build a costume for myself. I just needed to find the parts, the little things that made it just right. The gears, the vests, I couldn’t find anything that was just right.

So, I made my own website, SteampunkArtifacts.com. With it, I figured I could fill the hole in the market and provide people just like me, who had an existing passion, with all their finishing touches and focal points. I wanted so badly to help draw people into it, to make the world more open and accessible for people who were dipping their toes in as well, so to speak. And the key to that was just to offer everything, little things for newbies, bigger, bolder things for people who knew what they were after. And all of it, with the help of my passionate team of misfits, at a good quality. No horror stories of things falling apart, breaking, no nightmares over returns. Good prices, and good products, that could help spread the reach of Steampunk and Victoriana a little farther than before.

And it took a little while to build, a few goggles, some masks and watches were all we had to start with when we first published our website. But now, we have a much wider selection, corsets, hats, all manner of jewelry as well as everything we began with, but with much more variety. Mad Hatter Hat? We have it. Cufflinks? We have several varieties. Do you need some gears to finish off a work of art? We sell those too, in different colors, even. Witch Doctor Masks? We have those, studded ones. Far to many goggles and glasses to list, and the watches and jewelry are to many to describe. We wanted to become the shop for good quality parts to pull the outfit together. To sell some of the most recognizable themes and styles that can settle just right into the wide variety of looks that we know our customers are trying to achieve. Our biggest aim is to sell to the quirky, the odd, the just out of mainstream, and make sure they look just the way they want while being themselves, and to spread the love of steampunk and make it more accessible to anyone who wants to come join a bustling culture of Neo-Victorian fantasy.

So, why not sidle over and check it out?