A moment of Non-Euclidean internet bliss

Let’s face it, most if not all of us have at one point or another searched our own names on the internet, just to see if and how we are represented there.

As a matter of fact, I recently updated several online profiles and websites of mine and wanted to check if any of these changes have been indexed already and if that had had any other effects (i.e. ranking fluctuations, updated images already being shown etc.) and when I checked out Bing for a search of my name, my legal name, that is, I got this result on the first page:



As a dedicated Lovecraft fanboy and Cthulhu cultist, I am obviously extatic about this result, even more so since it was produced without me being logged in to Bing (i.e. Bing knowing it is me). I am fairly certain this image of Lovecraft next to mine is transient and will vanish ver time, but in the meantime, I revel mindlessly to the piping of insane flutists in this moment of digital glory. Iäh!