Cthulhu goes Lego – Please support! Iäh!

Oh ye Great Old Ones! My most venerable friend Matthias (who is also one of the pillars of Austrian Steampunk) just submitted a project to Lego Ideas that deserves a big Iäh!

The Call of Cthulhu as a Lego Set!

Yes, you heard that correctly! If this project takes off, it will be even easier to corrupt your spawn and turn them into loyal followers of Great Cthulhu. It would also look magnificent on your mantelpiece, I can imagine.

Here are some images to convince you to lend your support (more are on the project’s page):


Also: Supporting this will not cost you a penny! All you have to do is vote! Come on, what are you waiting for? You can sign up and lend your support straight away!

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