May the Fourth be with you – My Study and the Force

May the Force / Fourth be with you, always. Today is Star Wars Day and I thought I use the opportunity to give you a glimpse into my study. It has become rather Force-heavy over the past year and it happened organically. I did not plan it that way. 

So, here is all the Star Wars decor found in my study (and a little extra):

That’s not a moon, that’s a lamp-shade (and the most recent addition):

And here is something to keep the Death Star in check (and my most treasured piece, since it was a gift from a friend and was not available in stores):

Then there is this guy lurking in the corner, life-sized and covering a poster at the moment:

And last but not least, there is this little guy keeping me company at my desk and yes, that is Rogue One running on my labtop:

So, this is part of the Star Wars in my everyday life. What is yours, if any?

May the Force be with You!