Pre-Convention Anxiety

It is that time of the year again: The RPC in Cologne is coming up in three weeks and I am having a case of pre-convention anxiety. To be more specific, I have a case of not-being-able-to-go anxiety. I have lready purchased the ticket and everything, I have my NCR Ranger helmet ready and I am good to go, but I fear I will catch larynxgitis or something just in time to be prevented from attending.

Of course, the chances of something like that happening are not particularly high, but you all know what it’s like:

You look forward to something for ages and then BANG! just the day before the event, the universe grins and decides to ruin your day.

The reason why I am so anxious is polyfold (Is that a word? I mean I have many resons but not enough to make them manifold).

  • I am going to collect the chest armor for the NCR Ranger costume at the RPC
  • Therefore I will meet up with some friends from Vienna again ( Brazen & Bold Productions)
  • Diedl, who made my helmet, will be there cosplaying as the Mechanist from Fallout 3, so we can team up
  • The RPC is one of the few occasions I get to see A LOT of my friends in one place
  • Just the stuff that is there to discover every year
  • Some Doctor Who related reasons

So, plenty of reasons to go and a video to shoot (I actualy purchased some equipment for the occasion to make the video quality better). Hopefully, the anxiety is unfounded and we all get a video from the RPC and some pictures (many pictures, coming to think of it).

Oh yes, and by the way, this is the NCR Ranger helmet, or rather (because of the “Fhtagn!’) the Innsmouth Ranger Helmet (you may remember it from a previous post):