RPC Cologne 2017 – Recap #1: The photos

Yesterday and today nerds, gamers, cosplayers, and others from all over the world congregated in Cologne for the RPC 2017, I was one of them and oh my Cthulhu did I have a good time.
I arrived early (09:30 to be precise, doors opened at 10:00) and the line already stretched, and I mean, stretched… But when I finally got in, I was greeted by a most awesome sight: The 501st Legion had lined up along the escalators and the entrance area of the main convention area (see images below).
The first thing I did was say hello to the wonderful people of Brazen & Bold Productions and MonSoon Cosplay and collect my harness to complement my ranger helmet and to make my ranger costume more complete.
I then went on a scouting trip around the premises (for about 5 hours actually), met a most charming Weeping Angel and many more awesome people (and a TX-225 GAVw “Occupier” combat assault tank with the cutest crew member ever).
I actually did not notice the time pass until it was almost too late, because at 16:00 there was a Fallout/Wasteland photoshoot I had been invited to participate in but I made it in time.

More details will follow soon, there will be a podcast, now here are some photos I took, fewer than I would have liked: