Steampunk Writers Around the World – Volume I – OUT NOW!

It seems ages ago when my friend Josue Ramos and others came up with the idea of assembling a group of Steampunk writers from all around the globe to work together on a truely international and culturally diverse Steampunk anthology.

The project survived through the financial crisis, although it lost its original would-be publisher but was then adopted by Lunar Press.

So finally, after more years than any of us would have thought, I am honored to reveal the Steampunk Writers Around the World  Volume I anthology. Hot off the presses, a July release by Lunar Press, of Edinburgh, Scotland.


FOREWORD By Kevin Steil


THE STORY OF YOUR HEART By Josué Ramos – Spain

EL ALFÉREZ DE HIERRO By Fábio Fernandes – Brazil

HEIRS By Marcus R. Gilman – Germany

PÓLVORA Y VAPOR By Aníbal J. Rosario Planas – Puerto Rico


LAS CADENAS INFINITAS By César Santivañez – Peru

THE SWARM By Milton Davis – Africa


UNMADE By Suna Dasi – Scotland/India

LA MALDICIÓN DE LA ESPINA By Elaine Vilar Madruga – Cuba

THE GOLDEN APPLE By Petra Slováková – Czech Republic

CUAUHTLIPOCA, EL ÁGUILA HUMEANTE By Paulo César Ramírez Villaseñor – Mexico


The stories are truely divers and off the beaten track of “Steampowered Anglophones save the World”. My personal favourite is Suna Dasi’s UNMADE, which is the best Steampunk short story I ever had the pleasure to read.

I only regret there are no Francophone authors in the anthology. Still, it is a fine selection of tales from all over the world and you can get it now right here!

Oh yes, and my story of course features a propper Zeppelin and its crew, not just a blimp or dirigible, but a proper Zeppelin.

So, grab yourself a copy, celebrate the diversity of Steampunk and an indipendent publisher!

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