Relocating the Launch Site

Some of you may remember the late 1990’s, you know the time when there was not so much war going on in the Near and Middle East, when there was a competent person at the helm of the USA, the World Trade Center still stood and North Korea did not have nukes… Yes, I know, sounds almost like a utopia of ancient days gone by…

In 1998 I was living in a small house on Chandos Street in the St. Ann’s area of Nottingham.


The reason why I tell you this is the following:

St. Ann’s is a rough area. One of the roads and streets you see on the map above was known as “Rifle Street” by locals and cab drivers alike, because of one of the houses having bullet impact marks from an automatic weapon in its facade.

I did not think it was even remotely as bad as the place I happen to currently have my abode in (the city, that is).

The city I live in is the place where Nurgle gets out the bleach, where Azathoth does not accept worshippers from and Cthulhu hopes the flood waters will never reach.

I got stranded due to a job that went sour quickly and was damned to spend the last four-and-something years here.

But not for very much longer.

Most boxes have already been packed and my family and me are leaving this rotten place behind and heading for (literally) higher and greener pastures, where people are hopefully friendlier, less sullen-faced and speak an intelligible form of German and not one that consists 90% of grunting and hacking sounds. This also means I will most likely be offline for a while, since we need to get a new ætherweb connection in the new flat first, but this is a minor inconvenience I gladly acept in exchange to getting out of here!