Refugees in my Community – Some thoughts

The political post on this blog are few and far between. Out of the the so far 1.512 posts on this blog, less than 50 are in any way politcal (and some of those are of the “Vote Cthulhu!” type) but now it is time for another one and it is on a hot topic:

The refugee “crisis”.

OK, where should I start? As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog, for the past months (since March) I have been working as a teacher. In one of my classes, there is a particularly friendly, quiet and inoffensive boy who struggles a bit to catch up, since he has two new languages to learn in my class: German and English. He is a Yezidi refugee and literally the nicest pupil in this class.

Last week, we moved to the city the school I work at is and my son has already befriended three boys living in the neigbourhood (the only ones there at the moment, most likely because all the German children are on holiday).

Those children are: Two brothers from Syria and one boy from Iraq, all roughly the same age as my son.

All three speak better German than my son’s ex-classmates (yes, even the Germans among them!) at the primary school he used to attend before we moved.

All three have really good manners, are very kind and are simply great kids!

My wife is now also teaching the youngest of the three how to play the recorder, he got interested when he visited us and discovered the instrument in my son’s room.

So, as far as my experiences with refugees go (and so far they are heavily focused on children):

They are just regular children! They do not pose a threat, they are not already indoctrinated into salafist Islam or some other dogmatic shit!

From what I have observed, they are interested in:

  1. Running around in all weather
  2. Spending time on the playground
  3. LEGO
  4. Biscuits

If you have any complaints about that, please go and see someone who can administer some heavy-duty psychotherapy.

So no, I do not see problems with refugees in my community. If we accept them for the humans they are, they will simply be absorbed into our society.

Hell! The Persians managed to completely absorb their Mongol CONQUERORS (see here) and none of the refugees is trying to conquer us!

What will happen: The refugees will become citizens of your country and add their cultural heritage to the wealth of your culture. Everybody wins! Yes, I know, there are asshole refugees who will grope you, or someone you like, but guess what: There are people who share your skin colour and cultural heritage who also have the tendency to grope people of their sexually prefered gender(s).

No country/ethnicity has a monopoly on idiots and/or creeps.

My verdcit on the refugees coming here: Please come in, can I have some of your Falafel, please? They are just humans who want to live their lives and have some fun and joy, too (and their kids are great as far as I can tell).