Writing in an Utopian Setting is Hard!

Writing a story set in a utopian or close to utopian society is harder than I thought… This maybe because most of the stuff I have thus far written is either dark fantasy or Cthulhu Mythos related or in some Steampunk setting with some type of international conflict or the usual villain-tropes going on.

A few weeks back I thought I could participate in a call for short stories in a utopian setting, either near future or further on in time. Initially, I found it really hard to come up with a scenario that is engaging, offers potential and is not some blatant trope-bashing or something that has been written about dozens of times before. Things like a futuristic crime story where some high-tech criminals just doing it out of boredom for example.

I have found a good scenario for my story now, I think it is internally consistent and it works against a utopian background, but it has been a rather long way to get there. Now I just have to make the deadline.


Note to self: Writing positive stuff is harder than writing negative/dark stuff…



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